Computer Engineering Department Laboratory

In the modern era, computers and communications have received vital importance in technological field. In all walks of life, like reservations, banking, dataprocessing. 'Computer' has become a key word. The main activity of the department is to provide solutions to industrial problems, design and develop application software�s in various fields. This department has laboratory having broadband internet connection. The course consists of study of hardware and software of computers. The curriculam comprise of study of Programming languages, Database management, Operating systems, Networking, etc. We are also conducting the advanced courses, apart from the academic curriculum to train student to work in the Industry.

The department has the following laboratories:

  1. Networking / Internet Laboratory
  2. Software Testing / Multimedia Laboratory
  3. Microprocessor laboratory
  4. Digital Laboratory
  5. Programming Laboratory
  6. hardware Laboratory
  7. Basic Electronics Laboratory / MSCIT Center